Featured Client Stories

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

Traditionally, the SEC selects one gift for all participants of SEC tournaments. However, with different needs, it is hard to find a 'one gift fits all' item. Goldner Associates designed a custom website where student athletes from different sports divisions could log in to their specialized area and select their desired gift. Items were branded with the client’s logo for maximum exposure!

Delta Dental

Delta Dental was inviting their clients to a Nashville Sounds baseball game to show employee appreciation. Instead of a standard invitation, we created custom-printed caramel corn snack boxes with the invitation information as part of the box. There was even a prize inside! Clients showed up to the game in droves, making Delta Dental’s plan a success.

McKee Foods

McKee Foods wanted an incentive to help promote their new apparel website. A stuffed koala bear was chosen as a free gift, and a bulletin was sent announcing the give-away for the next 100 orders of $100+. This promotion was a success, increasing the number of orders and order size!

Red Lobster Restaurants

The Red Lobster People Development department wanted to give managerial participants take-away items to remind them of their training sessions and help in their daily duties. Items included: a custom ball cap to accommodate kitchen food handling regulations, a calculator and padfolio for note keeping and projecting profit and loss statements, and a combination pen/highlighter for marking materials and writing notes. 100% of the trainees used 100% of the items!

Destination Success

Destination Success sent more than 500 upper management personnel on an incentive trip to Hawaii. Their client company wanted a room gift, both high-end and personalized. They selected a hibiscus design for all items: luggage tags and a travel wallet containing travel documents were sent to each person before the event. A custom tote bag and matching shoes were waiting in the room. The managers were impressed, and Destination Success were the heroes.

Minute Maid Coca-Cola Foods

Minute Maid Coca-Cola Foods wanted to give to each of its top executives the last juice can produced with the expiration date on it. Each can was then embedded in a block of acrylic so that it could be displayed by each of the executives.


rPath wanted to make a splash at a trade show. This shirt was distributed with a hang tag informing the recipient that rPath would be giving $100 randomly to people wearing the shirt at the show. The giveaway ensured the shirt was worn. The bright shirt attracted attention. And rPath was the buzz of the show.